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Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage maneuvers your body into different postures combined with traction, stretching, and gentle pressure while you relax comfortably on the ground.  You will feel open and relieved of muscle tension, as well as loosened joints.  Please wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing.  This technique is done fully clothed.

Yoga Massage can be done at your house or on our scenic mini-farm in Stockton, NJ!  Say hi to our pet sheep and chickens!  (Aerial Yoga Massage only offered in Stockton.)
30 min $50
1 hour $85
90 min $125
2 hour $155

Private Yoga/ Thai Massage Combos: 
1- 30 min Yoga + 30 min Thai Massage $70
2- 1 hour Yoga + 30 min Thai Massage $90
3- 1 hour Yoga + 1 hour Thai Massage $125
4- 30 min Yoga + 1 hour Thai Massage $105
"A magical gift! 
I feel better than I
have in years.  Wow!!!!!  Deep stretching and a Thai Massage is the perfect combination for me!!!!!
-Melanie K.
"I left feeling like
a million bucks. 
Michele has
a magical touch."
-Jim P.
"I felt like a wet noodle! 
I'm coming back for
the rest of my life!"
-Lisa H.
To book a Thai Yoga Massage,
call: (908) 892-8297
Cancellation Policy:  Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund
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