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Aerial Offerings
Private one-on-one Aerial Yoga

Fly to your inner heights in this suspended silks class. A playful low-impact workout.  Great for all levels!  You may surprise yourself when you see what you can do!

Outdoor Only. 

Adult- 1 hour $50

Teens & Tweens- 45 min $45

Private one-on-one
Aerial Yin/ Restorative

Find inner balance in this grounding, yet uplifting practice.  Very slow paced Yin and Restorative postures in the hammock only a few inches off of the ground.  The hammock becomes a prop to hold you while deeply stretching and releasing tension.  Leave feeling relaxed and open.  Great for all levels!  Indoor/Outdoor.


Aerial Yoga Massage

Aerial Yoga Massage is a form of Thai Yoga Massage that incorporates the Aerial Hammock for complete release and relaxation. Elevate your massage experience with a dreamy and peaceful Aerial Yoga Massage.  Indoor/Outdoor.

30 min- $50

1 hour- $85

90 min- $125

2 hour- $155

Can also be applied to

Yoga/ Massage Combos

Floating Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Experience the rejuvenating practice of Yoga Nidra. Guided visualizations journey the mind through the body, while laying comfortably on your back, or floating in an Aerial Hammock. Set an intention, meditate on sensations, and experience a state of bliss. Leave feeling fully relaxed and recharged. 

Indoor/ Outdoor.


$40 for one person

$55 for two

Floating Meditation

Elevate your path to inner peace by meditating in an Aerial Hammock.  Floating in a cocoon just above the ground lets your body completely relax.  No pressure on the joints.  Gently swaying in the ripples of space.  Feeling as though you are levitating. 



One-on-one or bring a friend


Donation Based!

  • Please wear t-shirts or long sleeves when using a hammock.
  • All Aerial offerings are located on our mini-farm in Stockton, NJ. 
Say hi to our pet sheep and chickens too!
To book an Aerial Offering,
call: (908) 892-8297

Cancellation Policy:  Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance for a full refund
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