Michele "Padma" Mizeski

E- RYT 200+

Michele began practicing yoga and meditation in 2007. She has been teaching since 2014 when she received her certification in Hatha Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in California, where she was given the name, Padma, meaning "The Lotus."  Since then, she has been continuing her education in Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, and Aerial Yoga. She has volunteered on Buddhist and Yoga Retreat centers in Colorado, Hawaii, and Georgia, nursing homes, independent living centers, and festivals.  She has also completed two ten day silent Vipassana meditation courses, one in California and one in India! She is an animal lover who enjoys traveling, dancing, reading, hiking, and rock climbing.  She is grateful to share with you all that she has learned! Namaste.

Greg Ogden

Meditation Instructor


Greg has been teaching mindfulness meditation techniques to children and adults for the past four years. He has taught at nursing homes, independent living centers, music and arts festivals, and teen programs. Greg has attended Vipassana meditation retreats at The Mid-Atlantic Vipassana Meditation Center (Dhamma Pubbananda, Claymont Delaware), Dhamma Bodhi (Bodhgaya, India) and Dhamma Patapa (Jesup, Georgia). In 2008, Greg lived with a Tibetan refugee family in Nepal while studying Tibetan language and researching Yogacara Buddhism. He holds a philosophy degree from Kutztown University where he minored in anthropology. Greg is certified in “Using Mindfulness with At-Risk Youth” through The Mind Body Awareness Project. He is also a Certified Hypnotist through Hypnosis Motivation Institute and offers non-medical hypnocounseling services for stress management, intention setting, and behavior and habit modification.

Lianne Heteji

RYT 200


Meet Lianne Heteji! Her classes are centered on alignment-based principles while evoking a calm, fun, and positive energy. She's currently in a 300-hour teacher training with Katie Ribsam and special guests of Yoga Bohemia on the lovely island of LBI.  She completed her RYT 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks in 2019 with Julie Mellk at Anew Life Studio, is certified in Aerial Vinyasa with Joseph Casisa at Anew Life Studioin 2018, and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher with Andrea Brock in 2016. As far as Lianne could remember, yoga was always in her life.  She was reintroduced in depth later on. She was involved in movement at the age of 4 as a dancer. Around 2006 she started her personal practice to add movement back into her life. As she has experienced, "the only way to release stagnant energy in our bodies is to get them moving." She has explored all different pathways of yoga. She has even pulled away from yoga to experience Crossfit only to discover that strength and stretching compliment each other and are needed together to accomplish great things. “Finding my path through Reiki and through my Yoga practices / trainings has come full circle and put all the pieces together to give me that balance not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Yoga does so much more than we think. “It allows journeys to take flight leading one home to thier true self

Ava Marino

RYT 200


Ava loves sharing the gift of yoga with others. She loves being
surrounded by her friends and her family which include her husband, two sons, two cats and an
exceptionally handsome dog named Sid. Ava practiced yoga on and off for several years. Her practice
became regular while being treated for chronic pain caused by her long time Dental Hygiene career.
Her physical therapist suggested yoga as a means to help her keep her body pain free. She fell in love
with the journey of yoga and all the benefits it has to offer on and off the mat. She shares this with
her students through teaching alignment based classes in which she combines breath work, yoga
postures, and relaxation techniques to allow her students the ability to create a sacred space as
individual as they are. Ava's spirituality has lead her to become passionate in learning and teaching the
healing essence of yoga through Yin, restorative, yoga nidra, and sound healing. She is also certified in
Yoga4Sobriety a Chakra based yoga practice that incorporates the 12 step program to help those in
Ava especially likes to welcome beginners. So bring your mat and let the Zen begin.

Jamie Weisman

RYT 200


Actor turned board certified Clinical and Integrative Nutritionist, Jamie took her first hatha yoga class at the local YMCA in 1998 and fell in love. She knew yoga would become a bigger part of her life and tried various styles in the places she lived
and visited in the years that followed. After completing her Master of Science degree in June 2017, Jamie decided it was the right time to unite mind, body and soul. She completed her YTT-200 training at Onyx Yoga Studio in Warren, NJ in the spring of 2019 and plans to continue her studies. She is passionate about helping others discover their authenticity though nutrition and yoga philosophy and promises to cultivate a tranquil and lighthearted environment when you join her on your mat.

Nicole “Aranyadevi” Calello

RYT- 200


Nicole is energetic, creative and loves being in nature. Growing up she was always very active- she ran Track & Cross Country competitively for 7 years. When she started working at an Architecture firm where she sat at a desk all day she stopped exercising, ate poorly and was surrounded by negative energy. It was then (2015) when she started practicing yoga to unwind and get a break from being in constant fight or flight mode. Nicole had no idea that yoga was a spiritual practice. When she started to direct her attention inward, connect with her breath and envision something bigger than herself, everything in her life started to change. Nicole received her 200 hour teaching certification with Maitri YTT at Ananda Ashram (2019), where she was given the spiritual name Aranyadevi which means The Goddess of the Forest. She has attended many immersions and workshops to help her understand her thought patterns, identify and heal pain she had been holding onto since she was little and ultimately cultivate a better connection to herself. Yoga is the answer to everything she has been searching for- purpose, belief, community, a how-to for life. Nicole’s teaching approach is rooted in the philosophy of yoga. She encourages her students to look at life from a different perspective, to look within themselves and to live mindfully. In her class you will learn how yoga is so much more than just the physical practice and how it has the power to transform our body, mind and spirit.  

Alice BW

E-RYT 200

Alice has been in her yoga journey for 15 years.  She initially wanted to take a yoga class to help with balancing her family life and work demands.   Her schedule did not allow much open time, so even though Alice was not a “morning person,” she began her first yoga classes at 6 am.  And soon, her transformation began.  Alice realized that yoga had made a dramatic impact on her life so she decided to pursue a 200-hour yoga teaching certification with Stephanie Pappas, which she completed in 2012. After her original
training, she concentrated on taking additional trainings that focused on challenges for students - in particular health-related issues. Alice has completed over 500 hours of training/certifications which include: Yoga For Cancer(Y4C), Advanced Chair Yoga, and Gentle Somatic Yoga.
She recognizes that students come to class with different needs and at various levels. Alice understands that every “body” is different.  She will modify poses to meet the needs and levels of her students and to allow every student the ability to experience yoga and all its benefits.  Her classes emphasize "experiencing yoga" and are known for a mix of asanas, pranayama, and lightheartedness. Alice is also certified through Reiki Level III, and often offers reiki to her students at the end of her classes.

Hayley Weichler

CYT- 200


Hayley embarked on the path of yoga teacher training in 2014, receiving her 200 hour certification in Raja Yoga, the Himalayan Tradition.  Through her studies, she found that she has had a deeply rooted connection to yoga philosophy since her childhood. She has always had a fascination with the movement of the body, having an extensive background in dance, as well as, a yearn for incorporating the breath-mind connection and expansion, in day to day life.  She is also a Level 4 Reiki Practitioner.

In time, Hayley’s focus became directed towards the practice of prenatal and postnatal yoga, wanting to be able to provide a safe, comforting, supportive environment and community to those preparing for birth and during the postpartum healing period.  She is also a Certified Birth Doula and owner of Compassionate Beginnings Doula and Birth Services. She incorporates her birthing studies into her classes to enhance the empowerment, support, and education every birthing person should have available.  Her classes include physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual preparations for labor and birth, relief to pregnancy discomforts, and an understanding of how the body and mind needs time to heal after birth.  Whether you are just beginning or shifting your practice through this profoundly transitional time in life, join Hayley on the mat. Namaste


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